Divorces and Family Issues

The dissolution of a marriage can be an incredibly painful and stressful experience, especially if there are children or there is significant property involved.  The Choate Firm understands these concerns and provides a judgment-free zone where embattled spouses are able to freely discuss marital concerns.

Divorces come in all varieties, from relatively painless uncontested settlements to protracted and vicious public spectacles.  The Choate Firm welcomes all varieties.

When it comes to family issues, however, divorces aren’t the only divisive issue facing parents in Texas. Controversies over who should a child’s custodial parent can lead to bitter and acrimonious fighting (often times with interjection from extended family), and orders regarding the non-custodial parent’s child support obligations expose a person to criminal prosecution if the obligation isn’t met.

If you have questions about a divorce or about other family issues in Houston or other parts of Texas, please contact the Choate Firm today to schedule an appointment.

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