Business Services

The Choate Firm, located in booming Houston, Texas, offers a wide variety of services for your small business. Whether it’s drafting Homeowners Association agreements for new residential developments, or devising nondisclosure agreements for startups, the Choate Firm provides the legal instruments that will help your company operate smoothly and be protected.

With more than a decade representing entrepreneurs and business owners, the Choate Firm is proud to offer legal representation with the highest level of integrity.

Protect Your Company and Livelihood

Many small businesses started out by hanging a shingle and operating under an assumed name.  Whether they’re opening a tea room in Tomball or selling jewelry inside the Loop, many small businesses discover that they grow to the point that they need more protection than an assumed name can provide.  The Choate Firm consults with such individuals and businesses to discuss the legal protections available to them, such as organizing as a limited liability company.

Protecting your company involves more than the organizational structure, however.  As a company grows, it will typically add employees.  Adding employees can present unique challenges for employers: should there be employment contracts? should there be nondisclosure agreements? should there be restrictive covenants in the event the employee leaves? The Choate Firm consults with businesses to answer these questions and more.

If you have questions about how the Choate Firm can help your company grow and prosper without compromising your company’s ability to remain flexible and adaptive, please contact us today.