Can it with the “Czar” Stuff, Yeah?

So we’re going to get a “car czar.”  I call for the end of using the term “czar” to describe people in charge.  Not only does “car czar” sound stupid, but since when have czars done anything good for the people?  (Apart from Caesar, of course, whose name was adapted for the word czar.)  The Russian Czars (or Tsars, take your pick) certainly didn’t fare too well, and it’s not like our modern incarnations such as the “drug czar” have done very well either.  So, how ’bout we come up with something better to say than “car czar,” yeah?

(Oh, and can we stop calling every scandal “X-gate”?  At this rate, is something happens at the Watergate again, I’m sure some moron on television will call it “Watergate-gate.”)