Couple of Other Interesting Chrome Things

Still more fiddling with Chrome.  I have found that PDFs, while they load just fine within a Chrome tab, will crash if you try to select and copy text in searchable PDFs.  However, as promised, the entire browser did not crash when it happened.  Instead, I got that sick little extension face.  Pretty cool that.

The second cool thing is the “find” function.  When you open a web page, and then press Ctrl+F to find text in the document, something very cool happens to the scroll bar: it puts little colored hash marks in the bar to show where the term is in the document. like this:

It’s not totally perfect; if you search on more than one term, it seems to only look for matches in proximity.  But I think that’s the way FF, IE, and Opera work, too, so I probably want more than should be expected.