As part of my ongoing series regarding law firm technology, I have downloaded and installed an app that allows me to add posts and pages while on the go. It’s a perfectly good app and so far it seems to be working just fine.

It’s amazing how technology has progressed in the ten years or since I started blogging for my job. Back then, we were only 5 years or so removed from Al and Tipper Gore talking about how they email each other with their BlackBerries to stay in touch (which, at the time, seemed like an amazing technological feat–email? On the go?!?) Now, the Gores aren’t together anymore (or have they reconciled? I can’t keep up), and I routinely have potential clients tell me that they don’t even have email addresses.

Mobility is such an amazing advancement in technology, and being able to write, edit, and publish this post from my phone, compared to the way things were…? It’s quite mind-blowing. And I’m not even old.