Opera Mini 5 beta for BlackBerry

I saw this morning that Opera has released a new version of its mini browser.  (See this Gizmodo post and this PC Magazine post (via Yahoo!).)  Being fond of Opera’s desktop efforts, and generally liking its other endeavors for the smartphone market, I gave it a shot.

My quick thoughts on it?  Despite the welcome advancements in bringing tabbed browsing and the speed dial to the device, Opera Mini just seems incredibly slow and sluggish.  That can be forgiven, as it is still in beta.  What is less forgivable is its peculiar habit of dropping letters at the end of apparently random words.  For example, its EULA says things like “Agreemen” instead of “Agreement.”  And when I looked at my previous post (about France’s copyright legislation), it would show “fai” instead of “fair,” or “Registe” instead of “Register,” or “thei” instead of “their,” or “Fo” instead of “For.”  Or “chambe” instead of “chamber.”

The Loki side of me gets stirred when I think of the potential law school hypothetical that presents itself in this situation.  But the rational side of me will just file a bug report and get back to work.