Technology in the Law Office–Windows 10 on a Small Tablet (Pt. 2)

Windows 10 on the Dell Venue 8 Pro
Windows 10 on the Dell Venue 8 Pro

And there it is.  Windows 10 is on the Venue 8 Pro. Once I reset it and gave it plenty of room to install, it upgraded like a breeze.

I’m just getting started playing with it, but these are 10 of my quick thoughts.

  1. It takes up even more space than Windows 8.1.  Prior to installing it, I had about 12.9GB available on c:\ drive.  Now, only 9.3GB.  I’m not sure if that will improve after the 30-day free-reversion period ends.
  2. It automatically installed with rotation lock enabled, which makes no sense.
  3. The Metro/Start/Universal version of OneNote is simultaneously better and worse than the version available on Windows 8.1.  For example, the radial menu on the previous version was incredibly convenient for choosing pen colors and line thickness.  Those options are relegated to menu items, and I haven’t been able to find a way to change line thickness. Yet. I only played with it for a moment.
  4. Speaking of OneNote, the stylus worked just fine for writing. Certainly no worse than on 8.1.
  5. Still speaking of OneNote, I understand now why some people lament the loss of the Charms swipe-in.  To get to OneNote’s settings, you have to push a back button, and then look at the bottom of the sidebar to find the settings cog; from there, you can make changes to the App’s settings, but it wasn’t as easy as simply sliding in from the side.
  6. Having Candy Crush Saga pre-installed is the answer to all my dreams.
  7. Sorry, being able to uninstall the pre-installed Candy Crush Saga is the answer to all my dreams.  (Seriously, being able to uninstall almost all Apps I don’t want really is a nice thing. (Looking at you, Apple Music app, Apple Watch app, Apple Stocks app, Apple Newsstand App…))
  8. Finding File Explorer is a little more difficult than it probably should be in Tablet/Continuum mode; I had to long press the Start icon and select file explorer.  I can probably pin a link somewhere, though.
  9. It certainly doesn’t run any worse than 8.1, and perhaps feels even a little more responsive.
  10. Still, I’d like to know what is taking up so much space…

I’m really looking forward to messing with it some more once I have a little more free time.