This is where we’re going…

CNET (and, as of 9:06a central, a few others) are talking about ZillionTV (link here or here), which purports to stream television shows and movies to you, without the need for subscription fees.  (ZillionTV will get its money through ads and/or rental fees and/or purchasing fees.)

This makes total sense.  Just as landlines are becoming things of the past, so will cable or satellite.  No doubt, the picture quality from cable or satellite is much better than streaming video via services like Hulu and Netflix, but the convenience factor can’t be denied.

There’s also one other benefit that may be realized as companies like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix strengthen their profits: the reduction of piracy.  What incentive is there to spend the time downloading the content when it can be streamed to your computer almost instantly, with little cost, and with little interruption?