Using Linux This Evening…

Those who already use Linux are probably rolling their eyes this evening, but I think what I have done this evening is really quite impressive.  I downloaded a Live distro of Fedora, and after making about 4 coasters, I finally found out that buring the ISO directly to the CD doesn’t help–I had to find a program that would write the image to the CD.  Go figger.  Anyway, after I figured that out, I was able to boot from the CD-Rom.  And I’m just astonished that I am able to run what is apparently a 64-bit OS off a CD-Rom.  On my laptop.  Which isn’t super current.

The experience is a little sludgy, but I’m really surprised things work as well as they do; my wireless keyboard and mouse are fine, and my external monitor works just fine as well, though switching screen modes on the laptop doesn’t seem to be working too well–I have high resolution on the external monitor, but the laptop screen stays on and looks pretty terrible.  But, I’m sure there must be a way to fix that somewhere.

Anyway, the thing comes with Firefox, which works just fine, and so far everything renders just fine, if a little different.  And like I said, things are a little slow to load, but that’s probably because I’m running off the CD-Rom.

Pretty cool.


  1. Well done and welcome to Fedora. You are right the slow operation is due to running from the cd. You will find it takes a while to open any application and the cd will churn away. It will be much faster if you install.

    The Fedora forum is a friendly place if you need any support or just to learn. Thee should be a link in the bookmarks in Firefox.

  2. Right on! Thanks for the comment, and I have to say, it’s a lot of fun playing with this stuff, and I’m looking forward to going ahead with a real install. Obviously, I’ll be making note of how things go here.

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